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About Us

"MIS Capital is able to create great facilities for non-profit organizations that have almost no money", Barbara Adams, General Counsel, Philadelphia Housing Authority, former General Counsel, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

M I S Capital believes that successful facilities always grow out of the needs and aspirations of the client institution.  We integrate real estate development innovation with design and construction expertise to realize transformative facilities. We work hard to insure that programmatic and design decisions are supported by thorough research and realizable cost information. As leaders of the development team, we maintain laser-like focus on client goals to keep all parties fully involved and aligned throughout the planning, design and construction phases of the project.

Steve Gendler and David Colman, the principals of M I S Capital, have built a strong reputation for developing successful projects that make a lasting contribution to their institutions and communities. We have won numerous awards and accolades from clients that recognize our passionate commitment to create compelling new facilities that revitalize existing neighborhoods and campuses.