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MIS Capital LLC provides a proactive, comprehensive real estate development approach and solutions that address the unique needs of non-profit institutions.

Strategic Real Estate Planning & Property Search:

  • Assist in Formulating Project Vision: What Should Your Ideal Facility Be?
  • Assess Space Needs, Research & Develop Program Concepts
  • Analyze Financial Capacity: ▼% $ Facilities: ▲% $ Program Needs
  • Create Real Estate Opportunities with Unlisted Properties and/or Conversions
  • Develop Project Budget and Financing Strategy
  • Evaluate Current Lease Status: Maintain Leverage

Project Development & Management:

  • Select Properties that Fulfill Project Vision
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Negotiate and Execute Development Agreements(s)
  • Manage Design Team and Control Project Costs
  • Evaluate and Secure Best Financing
  • Identify and Pursue Grant Opportunities with Client
  • Complete Property Closing
  • Construct Project On Budget & On Time